Payment Procedures:
Junior World have a debit order system.
School Times:
Junior World is open during the whole year. We do close on the 15 th December and open again on the 1 st working day in January,
We are closed over weekends, public holidays and school declared holiday’s
Toys and Personal Belongings:
NO toys should be brought from home. Little ones have a difficult time sharing with others and it is even harder with their own
special toys.
One of our goals is to help your child develop a positive self-image. We recognize that children need clearly
defined limits set in a non-threatening yet firm manner.
We encourage children to be self directed and exhibit self control. We accomplish order and thus discipline
through close supervision, gentle guidance and re-direction in a child-appropriate environment. When all else
fails we will utilize a brief timeout.
If we have continues discipline problems with a child the school will inform the parents. The parents and
the principal will set a meeting and discuss solutions.
We run a 3 week menu. Our fees include Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack.
Sick Children:
Because of our concern for the health of your child and all other children in class, the following guidelines
have been created. We would appreciate your co-operation in complying with them. Children who are ill
should be kept at home. Children who become ill during the day will be sent home. In all cases, the school
reserves the right to send home a child with suspicious or prolonged symptoms. When a child is absent due
to illness, the parent is asked to notify the school as early as possible in the same morning.
Medication will only be given to a child if the correct forms are filled out and signed. Should we have to
administer any medication during school hours, written authorization by a parent/guardian is required.

Release of Children:
Your child will not be released to any person other than the stated person on your admission form. If someone
else is coming to collect your child you are to notify the school before school will release your child.
Please contact the office to make an appointment to see the teacher. Please do not just fall in for an
unscheduled meeting.
Waste Material:
We collect the following items for our activities:
Scrap paper – there may be printing on one side, just not confidential information;
Egg boxes;
Washed eggshells;
Scrap material and wool;
Old baking tray’s/Muffin pans for the sandpit;
Sponges for painting.
Lost Property:
Please make sure that all your child’s clothes are marked clearly (we can not be held liable for any
lost/stolen property).

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